Lean in Canada


Most people know i don't like talking about myself…

with the exception of having a conversation to a young student wanting to get started in CMF. So lets have that conversation.

I've been asked to take part in Lean In Canada on Feb 21st 2018 and I am excited to tell the story of how I ended up here. Here is; creating an amazing Color & Material program, MLab at Pensole Design School, founding an innovative cross functional material resource for our industry, and becoming a passionate educator.

Here is a good place. But knowing me as I do, I will shift the conversation to mentoring and accountability for mentoring. Respectively, I don't want to sit on a panel and talk down to folks, leave my business card and sip wine. I want to change the conversation about what is mentoring and how brands and companies have a greater responsibility to put their money where their mouth is.

In other words: don't tell me what you're going to do, show me. I want to walk away with commitments from this audience to get involved, sponsor, and engage with MLab.

I believe mentoring should unfold like this: within the first 1-3 months connect with your mentee, have a coffee and get the conversation going. Talk about his or her goals; even via email you can provide inspiration and answer questions that can shape or save time. Within 6 months you should be able to review their CV and create or provide feedback on a portfolio, and cleaning up their social media footprint. By the 9th month you should have built a relationship and be able to assist with networking, career development, and maybe a job change.

I know time is precious for us all. For your mentee, it is just as precious, as they feel time slipping away from the goals they have laid out, all the while their student loan debt piles up. There are many times just connecting and making time for someone to job shadow or intern with you becomes a learning opportunity for you both. So Lean In. 

I learn the most when I'm teaching and sharing. Companies need to be more accountable when it comes to mentoring, and allow it to be  much more organic for those of us with experience in the bank.

I'm looking forward to Lean In Canada, it will be exciting for me to meet creative women in new industries, and share what we Diva's do with no sleep and a glass of Prosecco.   


BTY, I'm always looking for CMF interns if you're ever in Portland