Want to know more about our founder Suzette Henry and her journey as a Material Designer at Jordan? Check out this feature on her role and inspirations on the website The Rise of Sneaker Culture, which as a sneakerhead you should have bookmarked by now! ;)

Suzette with the man, MJ

Suzette with the man, MJ

Here is a little teaser to get you inspired...

 "Material designers are the lyrics in a designer’s song. We seamlessly influence the process through materials that matter, colors that connect brands to consumers, and products that build brand loyalty." -Suzette Henry

After all, as Suzette says "designing without color & materials is like being in a relationship without intimacy: why bother?"


On a lovely Saturday six girls aged 10 to 12 from GS Troop 45060 descended on MLab to design their own creative badges with the help of Suzette and their endless imagination. 

Here is a snapshot of their mission:

The product design badge is an opportunity for young Girl Scouts to find their creative voice, with the added bonus of gaining an extra badge in the process.

Create a customized badge or necklace out of leather and shoelaces. The face of the badge can contain a textile or synthetic material for added flair.

The end result is a beautifully designed badge swirling with creativity and color, perfect for these future CMF Divas! 

Thank you to our good friend Margaret Houston, and the girls of GS 45060 Deja Fitzwater, Samantha Houston, Jilian Sonne, Abigail McNatt, and Julianna Hart! We hope you had as much fun as we did!

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