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Another exciting year of teaching creatives about casting papers and the world you can create using release papers.One of my students said this past PNCA session as I was thumbing through my Favini texture book,"Ms. Suzette, I just had a light bulb moment! I think I understand now why

you say I can add a second conversation to my design by adding an R/P. I look at my design and realize there are so many stories I can have on this one shoe!" I saw a grin on this students face turn into a smile and he ran to share this moment with team mates before he lost his thought. He ran with the Favini book in one hand and his material board in another, smiling & proud like he knew something no other designer knew. The secret sauce I tell my students is build a string relationship with your vendors and it will open the world design to your products.

I love Favini casting papers because they just make materials have so much more to say...

Synthetic Innovation

Synthetic microfibers and woven technologies have evolved to the point where sbs ( side by side) comparisions and product applications are carefully weighed when applying materials to product.

 No longer does Leather do the heavy lifting, microfibers with strategic engineered yarns, can propel  product into a new level of performance, such as Clarino's r&d approach to develop a micro fiber that outperformed  traditional  kangaroo hide with Nike's soccer product. The result is a technical synthetic leather that is both lightweight and stronger than traditonal leather.

Products designed to meet high performance standards in a range of industries such as : Transportation, Automotive, Footwear, Aeronautics and our Military are utlizing the science behind Synthetic microfibers, which luckily for us in material design makes it so much easier to build bridges between suppliers to source high performance microfibers. Thus welcome to

Athleisure: the intersection of sport fashion and performance

Which also inspires release papers brands such as Favini, to design finishes that tell subtle technical stories and tactile textures without overpowering the surface of a microfiber.Weather its matte or exotic, waterline or carbon, sophisticated r/p (release papers) works in tandem to show off designs that consumers will spend an average of 10 hrs a day in that product. Because of comfort, enhanced performance and style.

It's the Ying and Yang or Locker Room to Office trend that is changing how Footwear is influencing innovation seamlessly in fiber technology. It's no longer reactive design, its intuition, taking cues from Biomimicry.  

Exciting oportunities for us all to define and design product... 

MLab highlights FAVINI 2017 Products


2017 begins early in November this year at Kolding School of Design with FAVINI products introduced to Pensole students. The program is DSKD's first introducing MLab's CMF 5-week program.

DSKD CMDiva's Group Pic, FAVINI products on display in our workroom and Both Helle's, Textile Dept Dir. and Fashion Dir. checking out FAVINI books.