2018 Calendar

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Pensole Skills  Academy


1 week Intense Design Session, take part in 1of 5 disciplines offered, grow your skills, push yourself, mentor & network with female creative in various industries, build your personal portfolio, or just come and share, it will change your path.We are always asked to create a female only class by the brands, since less than 1% of women designers actually design our shoes or make those color and material choices for performance product. We've packed this session with many breadcrumbs. Here it is, I look forward to seeing you 


FEBRUARY 19th-MAY 11th 2018



JULY 30- AUG 17th 2018 










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Well's it time to take stock and ask yourself if your fulfilling your passion, working where you are satisfied. If you thought on this question for more than a minute,It's time for you to join me and change your life.

Experience education through the world of Color & Material Design.

PNCA - MLab is a wonderful opportunity for you to educate yourself creatively.



Whew! 12 weeks flew by and we completed our launch of PNCA's first Color Material Design intensive program.

Nine unbelievably dedicated CMD's completed teams of Footwear and Apparel designers that influenced Nine Brands this past fall.They researched, ideated, designed, developed, prototyped, sewed and created the most compelling and emotional stories. The CMD's lead through Color & Mood boards and showcased their expertise of Material iD and how they connected this to their consumers.  

They worked as teams and developed their personal professional branding to prepare them for next steps.

I am so proud of each one, and everyone in this maiden PNCA |Pensole x MLab class, but now its time for a new crop of creatives to take that leap of faith, stop waiting for things to happen to you and make things happen for you, because of you!

Sign up now to be considered for this amazing journey and become part of the Pensole family.




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Pensole MLab PNCA Design Intensive

It's here, I am so excited about our partnership with Pacific NorthWest College of Art. I have the opportunity to reach a larger audience while creating an extended Color and  Material Design program filled with innovative and critical thinking content as well as guest speakers "we are calling "Fire Starters"-experts from around the globe that will share, inspire and mentor you to get to the next steps of your new path in CMDesign.

I encourage you to change your life, invest in your creative soul, make that career change finally!

go to either site for additional information and to apply:



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Calling all European & North American Color & Material Designers!

KICKS KAMPS ARE COMING for one week exclusively in:

  • PORTUGAL - June 26th to July 2nd, 2017
  • TORONTO - July 10th to 16th, 2017
  • PORTLAND - July 21st to 27th, 2017

This is your chance to elevate your design knowledge and strengthen your role as a Color & Material Designer. 

The top student from each KICKS KAMP (one from Portugal, Toronto, & Portland), as selected by Suzette Henry, founder of MLab, will receive a scholarship (including free tuition and shared housing) to attend one MLab @ PENSOLE Master Class in Portland, Oregon, USA. This amazing opportunity is valued at $6,800 USD!


  • PORTUGAL - MAY 28th, 2017
  • TORONTO - JUNE 11th, 2017
  • PORTLAND - JUNE 18th, 2017

For more information see flyers below

(click on the < or > arrows on the flyer to scroll between flyers for Portugal, Toronto, & Portland)

2017 Calendar

You Tube Red 9wk Live show  *airs Aug/Sept 

Spring/Summer Classes:

Kicks Kamp -on the road intensive design school

June 26th-July 2nd - Guimaraes, Portugal

 June 10th- June 16th - Toronto, Canada

 June 21st- June 28th - Portland, Oregon


Fall/Winter Classes:

 July 31st -August 18th Footlocker Asics, Portland

 August 21st-September 1 - ACCD,Portland

September 25th-December 15th -PNCA Portland


please go to www.pensole.com to register for all classes


2016 Calendar

This calendar represents my teaching Color + Materials + Finishes during Pensole sessions.

If you are a creative soul and would like to empower your skills I encourage you to go to the Pensole.com site and find out more.

Footlocker will partner with 4 Brands /sponsoring 4 separate sessions/Brands to be revealed later in the year.

FTLCKR -  Footlocker  1/11 - 29 PDX

LEVIS -    2/8 -3/4 PDX

FNPlatform - 2/16-18 LV

ACCD -  Art Center College of Design 4/25 - 5/6 PDX

FTLCKER - Footlocker 5/16 - 6/3 PDX

ADIDAS -  7/18- 8/12 PDX

FNPlatform - 8/15 -19 LV

DSKD - 9/26 - 10/29 Design School Kolding /Ecco - Sept/Oct 5wks Denmark 




Summer Shoebox

Summer Shoebox

Hello Dear Materialistas! Class is in session....

 ...and we would love for your high schooler to get involved! Summer Shoebox is a comprehensive color and material workshop for teens, where they will learn about:

  • How textiles, leather, smart synthetics and fuse materials are made
  • Global trends
  • Storytelling and Brand
  • How to build material and color boards
  • storytelling and so much more!  

Click "Read More" below to see our flyer, and contact us with any questions. To register, send an email to Suzette@Thehangersandlasts.com.

Hope to see you there!