Casting Papers|Favini

Another exciting year of teaching creatives about casting papers and the world you can create using release papers.One of my students said this past PNCA session as I was thumbing through my Favini texture book,"Ms. Suzette, I just had a light bulb moment! I think I understand now why

you say I can add a second conversation to my design by adding an R/P. I look at my design and realize there are so many stories I can have on this one shoe!" I saw a grin on this students face turn into a smile and he ran to share this moment with team mates before he lost his thought. He ran with the Favini book in one hand and his material board in another, smiling & proud like he knew something no other designer knew. The secret sauce I tell my students is build a string relationship with your vendors and it will open the world design to your products.

I love Favini casting papers because they just make materials have so much more to say...