Whew! 12 weeks flew by and we completed our launch of PNCA's first Color Material Design intensive program.

Nine unbelievably dedicated CMD's completed teams of Footwear and Apparel designers that influenced Nine Brands this past fall.They researched, ideated, designed, developed, prototyped, sewed and created the most compelling and emotional stories. The CMD's lead through Color & Mood boards and showcased their expertise of Material iD and how they connected this to their consumers.  

They worked as teams and developed their personal professional branding to prepare them for next steps.

I am so proud of each one, and everyone in this maiden PNCA |Pensole x MLab class, but now its time for a new crop of creatives to take that leap of faith, stop waiting for things to happen to you and make things happen for you, because of you!

Sign up now to be considered for this amazing journey and become part of the Pensole family.




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